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Very Good B+

With some exception, like specific legislative assistant personnel names, Congress Pro offers quite useful information all at your finger tips. Looking for additional committee and subcommittee information. For the price it is an exceptional value.

awesome but overpriced

great app but differences with congress+ not worth $90 more

Worth Every Cent

The new administration actively solicits our opinion, input, and participation. CongressPro gives me the tools, information, and access to the men and women in the Capitol who can set things in motion. Who make things happen. This app has been created by, and is operated hands-on by, a flesh-and-blood person whose Beltway business background makes him uniquely qualified to compile and maintain these records. And he commands a team who provide assurance that records are accurate and updates are fresh throughout the year, and for whom its a labor of love. I dont work Im politics, lobbying, or government. Im just a real person who finally feels empowered to make our people in Washington work for us. CongressPro makes it possible, and I would pay more for it if I could.

Relevant info easily

This app lets you find what you need fast. You can quickly know what earmarks your reps sponsored, for example. Easy to use and intuitive layout. Loaded with info.

Excellent App

Ive been using CongressPro for about 4 months now - and it truly is indispensable. I often click thru the members profiles to figure out who I need to be talking to on the Hill. Im not a lobbyist, but this app is great for fundraisers and activists alike.

Electronic Mail Addresses

Especially disappointed that after spending $29 I was not able to determine how to send an email to other members of Congress in my State but not in my district!

Involved with politics? You NEED this App.

I know many in the political arena are just now switching from RIM/Blackberry to iPhone; while the depth of Apps is not *quite* there yet for you to manage a campaign (or a war) from the iPhone, its getting close. Congress Pro is where you start. Its a full guide to The Hill: complete with staff contacts, committee assignments, and links to web archives for instant referencing of campaign financing or voting records. The amount of information here is simply staggering... you will use this on an hourly basis. This program is just point-blank outstanding. Simply put, *anyone/everyone* in the political arena needs this App: from K-Street lobbyists to community organizers to the actual staffers and aides who work for our senators and representatives. It wouldnt surprise me if a few of the more tech-savvy legislators themselves have Congress Pro (maybe Mr. Obama, for all I know). The true value of Congress Pro (vs Congress+) is in the updates. The legislative branch is an ever-shifting beast and knowing exact who is in what seat (and making sure you get the names of their staffers correct) is slightly important. Bottom line and brass tacks: this program is worth several times its asking price. Congrats on buying an iPhone. This is your next purchase.

If you work for Congress, a lobbyist, or the media, this app is for you!

I work for Congress and this app has quickly become my most useful app during the work day. Ive had it for several months now. The $29 version is definitely worth the price, as you will get constant updates as legislative staff change. You can view the Senate and House sides seperately and look through all the committees and subcommittes. Listings have been, in my experience, quite accurate. You get what you pay for with this app and Ive been very happy with my purchase.

application support

I experienced some issues installing and getting the application to load. Fortunately I was able to talk with a live person who talked me through the issues. Customer response time, support and service was excellent!


As a regular citizen, this is a terrific application to have in my pocket. I can instantly email my thoughts to legislators and their staff, call offices, etc. Worth it!

Fabulous app!

CongressPro is worth every penny. It has a vast wealth of information for anyone who is interested in the workings of Congress, whether they are active in government or just want to know whats going on (which we all should). I contacted the developer about a problem that I was having..which was my problem and not a fault of the app..and Mike got right back to me several times until I fixed it, and even offered to have me call him to talk it over. A lot of thought and care went into this app and it shows. Every iPhone should have this app! If you dont have it yet, get it. This is what iPhones are made for.

No committee staffer info

As far as I can tell, the $30 version of this app doesnt have committee phone numbers, committee staffer info, or congressional support staff info. So, its way inferior to a printed congressional guide, and way inferior to bookmarking For $30, I expected better.


For $30 this app should be a virtual phone book that is updated constantly. It is the most expensive app Ive ever purchased. It is completely wrong on such basic information as Chief of Staff for many members, and there is absolutely no information committee staff and very little information about office staff. I really regret buying this app and recommend that no one else buy this at all. This app is an absolute disgrace.


I work in Washington and use this app almost daily. Its thorough, up-to-date and easy to use. I cannot say enough good things about it.

Must have app

This is a must for anyone working in the political world. It has saved me so much time. I would highly recommend this app for anyone who needs staff contact info, committees, background, donation information ect . . . well worth $30.

The best version so far

Having worked on The Hill and as Congressional Liaison for the Executive Branch, as well as developing legislative strategy for non profits, the Pro version is well worth the 30 bucks. I have seen complaints that the staff telephone numbers are not listed and while I sympathize, as a former staffer I would have been appalled if my number were so widely publicized. It would have been simply impossible to actually get any work done for the American people. What the complainers fail to note is that email addresses are available, the Members main office number that will put you through to the staffer is listed and there is a note taking feature in the Pro version that allows for numerous uses. Links are provided for OpenSecrets and other watchdog web sites, in addition to information on introduced legislation, bills that the Member has cosponsored, Member and staff travel agendas & costs, staff salaries, as well as additional information resources. If you work with the Congress or want factual information about what a Member or Senator is saying or doing, this app is for you. In fact there are three different versions which all have their positives depending on the level of information that you need as well as your budget. Another extremely important piece of information that needs to be shared is the excellent customer support. I have had all three versions but started out on an original iPhone and the first edition. While I havent needed to contact support that I need more than one hand to count in all of that time, I cannot remember ever waiting even a full 24 hours before I had been contacted and whatever issue I had was either resolved or well on its way to be taken care of. If you need or want to deal with our Congress, this is the app for you.


The CEO himself handled my issue in minutes. What service! Great app: I use it every day.

Not as advertised

The site is not kept up to date as advertised. Subcommittee Members who were named months ago are listed as not yet available. I found the info with one Google search that did not cost me $29.95. The app also fails to list Committee and Subcommittee staffers, which it could easily do and for this outrageous price should do. Unless they upgrade this, save your money and go online.

Tremendous Resouce

CongressPro is awesome -- an easy to use, current, reliable guide to Congress. I had a download issue and sent a help request from the app. The CEO of the company responded within minutes and answered my question. Anyone who deals in federal politics, lobbying or government needs this app.

If your a professional, you better have this on in YOUR pocket!

I have been using the Congress + application for quite a while and I am upgrading. Super application that everyone in the business should use! As the premier and largest tri-national advocacy organization in the US dealing with legitimate cross-border trade, travel, and security, it is my business to stay informed of the issues the the people I need to work with in order to advance our agenda.

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